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Meet The Community!

oasis final version - Visions of Elvedon.jpg

Meet Rob!


Rob is a digital phone and laptop artist from Italy. Rob has been creating for a little over a year thus far, he is a very active member in the art world and NFT community. Check out four awesome artworks created by Rob!

What is the inspiration for your artwork?

"Nature, colors, space, and the idea that literally anything can have a hidden, undiscovered beauty that must be let out."

Nothing But Net - Visions of Elvedon.jpg
Outrunning My Destiny - Visions of Elvedon.jpg

What goals do you have as an artist?

"To make art that makes people feel great, stirring positive emotions in them, a sense of possibilities, wonder and inspiration. I would like to become really good in the outrun aesthetic and the dream would be to produce some album covers/pieces of official artwork someday. Also, perfecting my technique in everything i tried until now and exploring new horizons as well, namely collage art, illustration, and a deeper dive into surrealism. But to sum it all up i'd love to get to the point in which I know how to make people feel great with my art and doing it consistently :)."

Neons and Happiness - Visions of Elvedon.jpg

What new projects are you working on?


"Artworks involving landscapes and some elements of collage, and outrun/cyberpunk cities."

Outside of art, what do you enjoy doing?


"Hiking in the wilderness, traveling, going to the gym, watching sports, reading Sci-Fi and non-fiction books."

Neons and Happiness - Visions of Elvedon.jpg
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